Thursday, January 27, 2011


Brock and Kenzie are both playing basketball this winter. It has been fun to watch them. Of course, Kenzie has always danced, so we are still getting used to the sports thing with her. I thought it was so funny when I looked at the pictures I took on this particular day. I had a ton of Kenzie's team, but very few of Brock. I think that this is because I am really laid back when watching Kenz. For her it is about getting some exercise and having fun with her friends, so when I am watching I can take pictures and visit and enjoy it. With Brock, however, it is different. I am much more anxious watching his games! They are a much faster pace, higher pressure, and for sure, more competitive. Sometimes I get so into watching that I forget to lift the camera! He has improved a good deal this year. Overall, this seems to be the year that Brock has really shown an increased interest and commitment to the sports he is playing. It definitely makes it more interesting to watch. I have to say, I really don't care if they are the stars of their teams...I am just so proud of them for having the determination to get out there and try. I wish I had a little more of that when I was growing up. I think their lives are so much richer from the experiences that they are having playing sports as they learn how to be part of a team and the value of giving your best effort no matter what. I just love these kids...probably so much more than they could ever imagine!

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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Fun in the Snow!

My kids just love to play in the snow! They get to do it alot, thanks to our friend Sandy. She also loves to play and be in the snow. So, many times, she calls and gets the kids to go sledding or be pulled on the 4 wheeler. Brock was so excited on this day because Tim said he would pull them and he talked about it all morning. Well, unfortunately, he got sick at his ball game and that nixed the sledding fun for him. The girls, however, did go. At the last minute I gave Chuck my camera and asked him to snap a few pics of the fun so that I could see since I was staying home with Brock. This is memory making at its best. I love seeing the smiles and laughs in these pictures because they really capture the fun of childhood. Sometimes as an adult I wish for those days of pure fun and laughing so hard without all of the stress and cares of the world. Kids sure know how to get it right!

Scratch - we all love this sweet soul. She is the BEST dog ever!

Delaney - looks like a model doesn't she?

Wonder if she came up with this pose or if Chuck did? Ha!
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Kimber and Kenz....hold on girls!

Kenz and Kimber...I just LOVE Kenz's smile in this one. It is pure fun!

Delaney and Kenz....that hat just makes me laugh...going to have to get her a better one for next time.

Oh yes, this is Kimber! I don't know what she is doing, but I think this picture is SO her!
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Tim giving the girls a spin.

Tim and Kimber taking a break.

Delaney and Kenzie...time to call it a night after lots of fun and lots of laughs. Thanks Tim!
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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Christmas 2010

Christmas 2010 is in the books. What a joyous holiday season it was for us. We really enjoyed each other as a family over this Christmas break and we spent a good deal of quality time with friends and family. We also continued our family traditions of watching the Polar Express on Christmas Eve, while enjoying hot chocolate with marshmallows and having breakfast on Christmas morning with my parents while watching the kids open their gifts. Every year I feel so blessed, not because of the gifts we give or receive, but because of the friends and family that we are so lucky to have in our lives. God has blessed us richly with the things that no amount of money could ever buy...and for that I am thankful!
Brock and Kenzie putting out cookies and milk for Santa and carrots for the reindeer. They are wearing their Christmas p.j.'s. Every year they get to open one gift on Christmas and it is always a brand new pair of jammies.

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This is what Santa can see that he ate the cookies!

Brock, with all of his goodies. This year, I put the camera down while the kids opened presents so that we could all enjoy the experience. After the fun was over, we put everything out and took one was SOOO much easier this way for everyone!

Kenzie with all of her presents from Santa and Mom & Dad.

Pretty easy to tell what Brock wanted this year...this is the first year that he wanted clothes. He had nevery had anything Underarmour before and he was so excited to find so many in his presents.
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Kenzie's goodies from Santa and from Mommy and Daddy. She wanted clothes...and clothes she got!

Brock with his goodies from Grandma Darlene's house. His favorite gifts weren't in the picture though...he got an electric scooter and my parent's paid to fix his powerwing. He was one happy boy! He got money, a snuggie, colt's pajama pants, and a ton of other things at Grandma Cindy's house.

Kenzie and her goodies from Grandma Darlene's house. She also got an electric scooter. I will have to post pictures of them on their scooters when the weather brightens. At Grandma Cindy's she got money, a zebra snuggie, jewelry, make up, and her first Hollister t-shirt. She was a very happy girl.

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Some of my goodies from my parents. I got some track suits, tank tops, sweaters, and a Buckeye bag. Chuck's parents gave us money and we got a Keurig machine for the family...SO awesome!! Unfortunately, I didn't take any pics at Cindy's house...but we had such a fun, family evening.

Chuck's haul from my parent's house. He got several clothing items, but his favorite by far was the underarmour sweatshirt. He really lit up when he opened was something he really wanted, but didn't think he would get. We were definitely spoiled this year!

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