Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Halloween 2011

I can't believe that I haven't posted anything in so long!  Life just gets so busy and it is hard to make time for blogging.  I definitely need to make time to document special times in our lives.  Time just goes by so quickly!  This year, Brock did not trick-or-treat...he actually went to Ft. Wayne with friends.  This was his first Halloween not spent with is hard to deal with the fact that he is growing up and having his own life experiences that don't always involve us.  Kenzie went to a Halloween party and the girls all went trick-or-treating she didn't go with us either.  Definitely apparent that my kids are growing up.  I did get to take some pics of Kenz and her friends to remember the day. :0)

 Hay Ride

 Loved this cake that Sandy made!  It had "tombstones" with each girl's initials.  Super cute!
 Kenz - she cracked us up with this costume!
 Our little "Pookie"
 Paige (aka - P-Diddy)

The whole crazy gang!  Love them!