Thursday, March 15, 2012

Spring Program

McKenzie had her last spring program as a Jefferson Elementary student this week.  Every year we look forward to the program and we enjoy watching the kids show off their talent, so it was bittersweet for this to be our last year doing this.  As usual, Kenz and her friends made us so proud.  We took a few pictures to remember the occasion, and for some reason the pictures this year just really touched me.  I love that we will always have these memories because of the blog.
McKenzie Kathryn, 10 years old, fourth grade.

I love this picture of Kenz and I.  I NEVER say that I love pictures of myself, but I am so rarely in pictures that I really appreciate when I am in them with the kids.

Kenzie loves Deb so much.  She is such a great friend to us and probably one of the very nicest and most genuine people I know...and I am so glad that Kenz has her for a role model.  I think that God blesses us with certain people in our lives and I really feel like Deb is one of those people.  She is so special to me and I love so much how she truly cares about my kids...if I had a sister, I hope she would love my kids like Deb does.

Here is my heart in a picture.  I love these kids so much.  They are everything to Chuck and I and we have enjoyed watching them grow and mature into the unique people that they are.  I really love and appreciate how close Brock and Kenzie are...they are so good to each other (most of the time). :)

Dane - who couldn't fall in love with that smile?

Kenz is so lucky to have Chuck for a dad.  He is amazing with the kids and they have such a good relationship.  I love how she can count on her dad to be there for her no matter what.

With Grandma Cindy and Grandpa Jack.  Grandma Darlene, Grandpa Howard, and Aunt Judy were there too, but got away before I could snap a picture.  I am so glad that the kids have grandparent who take an interest in their activities.  I know not everyone is that fortunate.

Of course, Kenzie couldn't end the night without getting a picture with her best friend.  Kenz and Mike have a special bond and she loves hanging out with him.  He and Deb are truly such a blessing in our lives and we feel so fortunate to call them our friends.  What a great way to end a fun and memorable night.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Something New

Well, track practice starts on Thursday.  I have a very excited boy...can't wait to see what this new adventure will bring!