Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Happy Birthday Kenzie!

Well, my baby turned nine on June 27. She celebrated by asking some friends over for a pool party. Seven of the nine girls that she invited were able to make it and they had a great time! The weather was "iffy" on this day, as thunderstorms were predicted for the time the party was to take place, but we made the best of it and survived a little rain to have a wonderful party. The girls were all so well behaved and was just so nice to see them all having fun and getting along so well.

Blowing out the candles.

Her gift table...I just thought that the whole table looked so cute with all of the vibrant colors.

Kenzie's wonderful friends. Top row: Erica, Alaina, Kimber, and Katie. Bottom row: Jenna, Maddie, Kenzie, and Paige. See how nicely they are sitting and smiling? That is because I told them that as soon as I snapped these pictures we were headed to the car to go to Grandma's house for swimming! :0)

My cousin David has started a cake business and has done several cakes and cookies for us, but this one topped them all! Kenzie told him what she wanted and he went to town making her a dream cake. I have to tell did NOT disappoint! If you could have seen her face light up when he brought it was just priceless! Thanks so much David! She just loved it!

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Fun at the pool. It poured when we first go there, but the girls didn't care! Within five minutes the rain stopped, the sun came out, and a good time was had by all! :0)
Just some fun shots from the day. The girls danced, played Wii Just Dance, made bracelets, and ate cake and ice cream before swimming.
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Monday, June 14, 2010

A Glorious Day

Growing up, my family never went to church. I had a close relationship with my parents and we were a very close knit family. As I grew, I realized that many of my friends went to church and at a pretty young age I can remember having a desire for something spiritual, but of course, not being able to articulate what exactly I wanted. As I grew older and neared the end of my high school career my mom and I wanted to try going to dad wanted nothing to do with it. So, my mom and I went to several churches and finally found one that was a fit for us. We really enjoyed it and we both eventually joined the church and were saved and baptized. This was the real beginning of my spiritual journey. At that time, however, I did not fully understand God and the relationship that I should have with Him or how I could live a life in Him. I just knew that I wanted to be part of the "church crowd"...I didn't know what that meant exactly, but I wanted to be part of it. Mom and I attended church until I began college. In college, I did not attend church...none of my friends really attended and I certainly wasn't brave enough to go on my own. You see, I never really felt that I belonged in church. Many churches are like may be greeted at the door, but after are kind of on your own and I wasn't brave enough to try that on my own. Eventually, I graduated from college and met Chuck. When things started to get serious, I had a renewed desire to go to church, and , again, my mom was willing to go with me. We started to attend our old church (from high school), but really never felt that we "fit." When Chuck and I married, we began to attend his home church, which is where he and his family attended. They had always gone to church and when we went there I really felt comfortable and like we belonged. As long as I was with Chuck and his family, I felt that I "belonged." Here, I started to grow spiritually. Off and on I would invite my parents to attend and they would if it had to do with the kids, but my dad was adamant that he didn't want to go to church...he almost had an "anger" toward church that I didn't quite understand. Soooo my mom didn't go to church either, although she would often say that she wished Dad would go because she would love to go. During these years, I felt like I belonged a little more, but I still didn't feel that I really truly understood the church thing. I grew to know the routines and I knew I wanted my kids raised in the church, but I didn't know enough to really have strong convictions. Many years later, it seemed that church was a chore...Chuck never wanted to go...we were just filling an obligation, but we weren't really living out our faith (if we really had any) in our lives. We had good intentions, but we lacked the understanding and the comfort level to really "get it." That's when we made the decision to start looking at churches in town. We kept hearing about this church called Lifehouse, and I had actually felt a "nudging" to go there and try it. We put it off for a long time and when we finally went, we said we were trying it "for the kids." Little did we know that this was SO about us! After one time at Lifehouse Chuck and I left and I can so vividly remember having the first serious conversation about church and God that we really ever wasn't me talking and Chuck just agreeing, but both of us actually discussing the sermon and how we could use some work in that area. After that, things just started falling into place so mom started attending and we all started praying regularly about all kinds of things, but particularly about my Dad being saved. You see, I had learned about how important it is to be saved and I wanted that for everyone that I know (and don't know), but especially for my dad. When we invited him to attend with us, Dad was reluctant, so we pulled out the "big guns." We had Brock and Kenzie ask him to go, because we knew he couldn't and wouldn't tell them no. And that is how it started...he went once...and again, and again. Things slowly started to change, but he really started to feel a connection. Next thing we knew, he was talking about getting baptized. I don't think that at the time he made the decision that my dad knew he would have to give a testimony, but I am sure glad that he did, because it was a beautiful thing to hear and it was the day that I was most proud of my dad. That is saying alot, because my dad has always been my hero and he has given me many reasons to look up to him in my life, but this moment...this moment...I will remember forever. I know now that God has a plan and looking back in hindsight I can see His hand in things, even all those years ago when I was a very young girl going to church with friends and wanting "something more." God is good! I can't wait to continue this walk with Christ with my WHOLE family...Dad included! I love you dad, and I am SO very proud of you!!!!

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Monday, June 7, 2010

Award's Day 2010

Today was Award's Day and Jefferson Elementary. Because my school was out already, I was excited to get to go. We knew for sure that Lexi was getting a special award for reading in her kindergarten class so we wanted to cheer her on and we also wanted to be there for Kenzie in case she received any awards. As it turned out, she got awards for All A's in the fourth nine weeks, All A's for the year, and CARES honors. We were very proud of her...and all of her friends who were recognized as well. She worked hard this year and it payed off! Good job Kenzie...we are all SO proud of you!

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