Monday, September 5, 2011

First Day of School 2011

I actually think we were ready for the first day of school this year.  For sure, it was the least hectic first day morning to date, mostly because the kids are old enough that they can get themselves ready without any help from me (I like that, but I also kinda hate that...they are just growing up so fast).  As is our tradition, we took photos to remember this milestone.  Brock started seventh grade this year and Kenzie is in fourth.  I am so proud of these kids and I can't wait to see what the year brings for them.  I did think it was cute because I was taking the kids pictures when Cade and Gage came walking in (this was Gage's first year riding the bus!) and I heard Gage tell Cade, "See, I told you we had to come knew Michelle would want to take our pictures!"  Well, I couldn't let them down, so we went out front and took some more!  Here are a few...
Brock: 7th Grade, 12 Years Old

Kenzie: 4th Grade, 10 Years Old

Kenz did her own hair...I was pretty impressed!

Kenz with her loaded backpack.  I was sure that I had taken one of Brock like this, but if I did it must have mysteriously disappeared!  Sorry Brock!

I am so thankful that my kids are respectful enough to never complain about these pictures.  They know how much it means to me and they do it willingly...and I never hear complaints about posing together.  I am thankful that they get along so well.

We started a new tradition last year of posing by Deb's tree with the Cougar sign, so we continued that this year.

Brock and Cade - 7th Grade

Brock, Cade, Gage, and Kenz - all of our bus riders.  This was Gage's first year riding the bus.

Of course, we had to get Dane in a picture.  It was so cute, because the older kids had to be ready for the bus by 6:45 and Dane didn't have to be ready til a bit later, but when he saw us taking pictures he hollered out, "Wait...I'm coming...I'm getting dressed right now!"  Love him!

One of the few things that we bought new for school this year was school shoes.  Here is everyone showing off their new shoes on the first day. :0)

And finally....just waiting for the bus with all of the anticipation and excitement that the first day of school brings!  It's going to be a great year!