Monday, May 24, 2010

Dance! Dance! Dance!

This year marks Kenzie's sixth year of dance...and her last year of dance (for now). She is ready to take some time off of dance to see what else she might like and enjoy. She is thinking of volleyball and maybe even tumbling. As long as she is happy, it is all good for us. We really enjoyed this recital, mostly because we knew it could be the last and because we have seen so much growth in Kenzie's dance over the last year. We decided to let Kenzie get her hair done for her special day and our dear friend, Sarah, did it for her. We were so pleased and she made Kenzie feel so special. The most amazing thing was that the curl stayed for BOTH recitals!!! Thanks so much Sarah - you are awesome! When we got home, our sweet babysitter and friend, Emily, came over and I curled her hair. Of course, Kenz had to get a quick picture with her. We love Emily...she is so good to our kids...what a nice young lady for Kenzie to look up to!

Her pretty curls...thanks to sweet Sarah!

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Kenzie with Aunt Tina and Grandma Cindy after recital.

Grandpa Howard and Grandma Darlene.

In her "New Girl in Town" costume for jazz. This was my favorite costume this year!

I'm partial, but I love this one!
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Kenzie and there anything sweeter than a little girl and her daddy?!?

I snapped this when she wasn't expecting it and I adore her happy expression!

I never like pictures of me, but I do love this of Kenzie and me!

And, finally, Brock did pose for a few and I really loved this one of the two of them! What great memories of a special day!
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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Medieval Feast

Brock's enrichment class had a Medieval Feast to wrap up their unit of study on the Medieval Times. Their teacher has done an outstanding job with these students and Brock has enjoyed every bit of it! I didn't get to go, but my dad (who made Brock's costume for him) and Chuck attended. I asked Chuck to take some shots for me and he did a great job. He said the children performed a really good play and then each spoke about something specific from the Medieval Times. They finished the day by having a feast with foods from the time. Sounds like a fun time was had by all.
Brock, Cade, and Nick in their costumes.
The whole class. Don't they look fantastic?
Nick and Brock.
Brock and Cade
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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

This Kid

This kid makes me so proud! I was on my way home from school today when he called to tell me, "Mom, you're gonna be so proud of me!" He went on to tell me that he had been chosen as Student of the Month for May. He was so proud of himself that I could hear the pride bursting from his voice. As a mom, I sometimes see this kid fit get kids to like say the right thing... and my prayer to God is always that he would catch a break and have something terrific happen to him. Well, today was his day, and when I hung up that phone...with tears in my eyes, I said, "Thank you, God." Congratulations Brock...Dad and I are proud of you!
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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Women of Faith 2010

Last weekend I had the pleasure of going to my first Women of Faith Conference in Columbus, Ohio. My mother-in-law had asked me many months ago if I would go with her. I thought it would be a good experience, but at the time, I don't think I could have realized how much it would come to mean to me. I have been really struggling lately with being content with certain aspects of my life, my job in particular. All of this was really causing my stress to build up to a level I have never really experienced before. Then, as many of you know, Chuck's Aunt Tina...who is as much an aunt to me as my mom's sisters, has been battling breast cancer. She had just suffered a setback and that had really affected our family as we worked through all of our emotions. So, I went to Columbus with a heavy heart, ready for the Lord to do some work on me...and He did. We had a wonderful time and my soul was filled up. Many of the speakers seemed to be talking directly to me and were sending messages that I definitely needed to hear. Also, due to a last minute change, Tina had been given a ticket to attend the weekend with us. I will always remember this fun weekend that the four of us shared. I love these ladies! (I actually wasn't going to bring a camera, but right on the way out the door I decided to grab Kenzie's little pink camera, and I am sure glad that I did! Even though I only took a few pics..they are special to me.)
The picture above is of Mary and Tina on the bus. This is right as we were getting started. As Tina has been doing her chemo, her hair has started thinning and she has gotten a couple of wigs, but she doesn't often wear them. When she first came out I told her how cute she looked in her wig (and she did!), but she was really uncomfortable with it. Cindy told her that she didn't need to wear it for our benefit, since she looked fine without it. Well, about 15 minutes into the trip we heard Mary and Tina giggling and when we looked back Tina said, "I'm taking this 'critter' off!" And she did...and she looked just as beautiful without it! The "critter" didn't make any more appearances that weekend!
Cindy and I on the bus. We were seat buddies...we usually are! Don't I look really white beside her?!?
At the conference we were given box lunches. We were able to eat them at the gorgeous park that was right across the street from the arena. I tried to capture how many ladies were there, but this is only about one fourth of them! It was amazing to see so many women. It was a beautiful day, but it sure was windy!
Cindy, Tina, and Mary...all beautiful women and all important to me. Love you girls! Thanks for sharing the weekend with me!
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Tina, Mary, and I
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