Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Spring Break

Spring break was pretty awesome this year. We surprised the kids with a trip to Myrtle Beach. We really hadn't planned to do anything until about 3 weeks before break. I was looking around on the internet and discovered that our break was still in the "off season" for Myrtle Beach and realized that we could get a room for a week at a dirt cheap price. That's when we decided that is would be fun to just totally surprise the kids. We were very sneaky as we packed for the trip. Kenzie had a competition in Dayton on that Saturday, so we just left the competition on Sunday and headed for Myrtle Beach. It took the kids 3 hours...yes...3 hours to realize that we weren't going home! We had prepared some cute little clue cards, so at that point we gave them the first clue. I think that was the best moment of all. The main line on that card said something like: "You thought spring break was really gonna stink, but we have more planned than you think." They just lit up! It was really neat! I think we kept them in suspense until supper, when we gave them the last clue so they could figure out where we were going. They were very excited!
Once we got to the beach, we had one more surprise waiting for the kids. Chuck's parents happened to be on vacation the same week and they were already in Myrtle Beach when we got there. We made arrangements to leave our hotels and walk down the beach towards each other and wait to see how long it would take the kids to realize that Grandma and Grandpa were there. As it turns out, they were so enthralled by the ocean that they wouldn't have even noticed their grandparents if Grandpa Jack hadn't called out to them. This surprise was a big hit too!
After that, we just simply enjoyed our time together as a family. We spent the days enjoying quality time with our kids. It really wasn't about spending a ton of money or anything like that, but more about connecting with each other. I loved it! Life had been so stressful that sitting by the beach for those few days was just what I needed to rejuvenate my spirit. Boy, do I love my family! We had a blast and no arguments, if you can believe it! It was everything we hoped for!

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Saturday, March 20, 2010

More Spring Program Pics

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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Drought Is Over!

It has been a long while since I have posted on the blog, so I was sure glad to finally have some pictures to post! This is our little gal all ready to go for her spring concert! She found this yellow headband and it was the perfect touch to spice up a yellow sundress that she already had. I thought she looked so cute and totally her age. So sweet!!
Right before the program she found her friend Katie and they walked in together. Katie is one of the nicest, sweetest little gals that we have met! She is really funny too...we are so glad that Kenzie has had the opportunity to get to know her this year. Don't they look so cute together?!?
Here is our little star after the big performance. She really did a good job, as did all of the kids! Mrs. Brubaker really put on a nice show. It is such a proud feeling to see your child on stage performing! The students and teachers can be very proud of the performance!
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Monday, March 15, 2010

The picture below shows the entire first through fourth grade classes from Jefferson Elementary.
Kenzie after the show with her two "brothers." She was glad for their attention and they were nice enough to give it to her. It was definitely different having Brock watching the show and not being in it, but he enjoyed cheering her on. (On a funny side note...I heard Brock tell Cade on the phone that he thought this thing was "semi-formal" so he better wear an Aeropostale shirt. LOL!!! ONLY Brock!!)
You can sort of see Kenzie there in the crowd! That yellow headband really helped to find her! She was surrounded by her friends. Kimber and Erica were above her, Paige was right beside her, Grace was three over to the right, and Alaina was two over to the left. I think I got 'em all!
Stay tuned...more pictures will be coming!
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