Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Alyssa's Senior Pics

I was so honored to take my beautiful niece, Alyssa's senior pictures.  She wanted to do snow pictures, so we waited...and waited....and waited for snow.  When snow was forecast for this past weekend we began making plans.  We met up on Saturday morning and Chuck, Jodi, Alyssa and I got to work.  We loaded the Expedition with clothes and blankets and everything we would need to get the pictures she wanted.  We had so much fun going through her closet and picking out some fun things to wear.  I will always treasure the memories we made and I hope that Alyssa will too.  Alyssa, we are so very proud to call you our niece.  Enjoy your senior pictures...it was super hard to pick just a few for the blog!  Love you!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

My Friend Kay - Kelly's Korner

This is my beautiful friend Kay.  Kay is a 61 year old widow.  We have been teaching partners for several years and there is no one that I admire more.  We teach in a rural Northwest Ohio school.  She is a wonderfully caring mother of three adult children and a loving grandmother of six boys (no girls yet!).  Kay suddenly lost her beloved husband, Steve, 3 years ago.  Kay and Steve were the model of what a loving, open, and honest marriage should be.  They were best friends and they valued their family relationships above all else.  Kay has amazed me with her strength and her ability to move on with her life after suffering such a loss.  She is such an encouragement to all around her.

Now, I have NEVER done anything like this, nor has Kay, but for some reason, when I saw this on Kelly's Korner blog I just had a feeling that I should ask Kay whether she was willing to give it a try.  I was pleased and surprised when she said, "Go for it!"

Kay enjoys spending time with family and friends.  She loves to travel, read, and she is a fantastic seamstress...very "in demand" in our little area. :0)  Kay is looking for a friend...someone to share experiences with.  She deserves to have a good Christian man who will treat her with the love and respect she is accustomed to.  I think that someone is out there who would be incredibly lucky to find and meet my wonderful, beautiful friend!

If you know of someone who might fit the bill, please leave a comment and contact information in the comments. Even if you don't know someone, would you consider leaving a comment for my sweet friend Kay? I think she is so incredibly brave to allow me to do this for her and I think some encouragement would sure do her heart good.  Thanks so much for visiting!!!  My fingers are crossed! :0)